MED25 | In-Patient Facility


Location: Mbita, KENYA


About the Facility:

In an effort to address the lack of inpatient services in the Mbita area, the 30/30 Project and Construction for Change built Med25 an inpatient ward to expand existing health services offered at the Mbita clinic. The physical building has a 20-bed capacity with 4 wards: Pediatrics (8 beds), Male (5 beds), Female (5 beds), and Maternity (2 bed).

Project Partners:

Med25 creates sustainable health solutions for, and in collaboration with, rural African communities and seeks to optimize health care access to residents of vulnerable communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Med25 Kenya strives to meet the health needs of individuals that are currently not receiving proper care through their national health systems by providing holistic health care services such as preventive and prenatal care, treatment for HIV, malaria, waterborne diseases, and other prevalent diseases. The Med25 model also ensures that health care is available without long-term dependence on international aid.


Why …?

Med25 serves Mbita District which is home to over 118,000 residents. Mbita has one of the poorest infrastructures in Kenya and has been hard hit by poverty and unemployment. The average Mbita resident makes $0.68 per day, making it difficult to cover many necessities, including health care. 40% of residents lack basic needs like food, shelter, and security. This area unfortunately ranks as Kenya’s highest in health indicators such as infant mortality and HIV/AIDS prevalence. The community that Med 25 directly serves has an HIV infection rate of 30%, and life expectancy of 37 years of age for men and 42 for women. 48% of children are not fully immunized against preventable diseases. Less than 0.5% of the population has access to running water and 58% do not have access to a pit latrine or plumbing, making diarrheal diseases prevalent. 25% of children in Mbita are orphans.