TIBA/Matibabu | In-patient Ward


Location: KENYA


About the Facility:

Completed in Winter 2019, this expansion of the Matibabu Hospital through a new 52 bed inpatient wing is dramatically increasing the number of patients that can be served at the facility. The long term impact of the facility will be to reduce morbidity and mortality from the prevailing disease conditions in the area. Before renovations, the Matibabu Foundation Hospital handled more than 24,000 outpatient cases annually and more than 2,000 inpatient cases annually. With the renovations, it is anticipated that the caseload will more than double with the addition of the 4 new wards.

Expansion on the Matibabu Foundation Hospital including the addition of 52 beds, as well as more adequate facilities such as medical rooms, surgical rooms, an isolation ward, pediatric ward, maternity ward, labor ward, and a postnatal room.


Why …?

Siaya County has a 23.7% prevalence of HIV among women and a 15.9% prevalence among men. This equates to an overall 17.8% prevalence among adults, making it the third most severely affected of the 47 counties in Kenya.…

Project Partners:

Tiba Foundation is a U.S. non-profit organization that works to build and improve healthcare in rural Kenya through monetary grants.

Matibabu Foundation is a Kenyan non-governmental organization located in Ukwala, Ugenya sub county, Siaya County. Its mission and purpose are to empower communities to take charge of their health, improve access to quality integrated health services and strengthen linkages to other essential services.