BABES YWCA | Local Renovation


Location: Seattle, Washington USA


About the Facility:

The BABES Network is one of 10 health programs housed in the health wing of the YWCA/Seattle. These programs address; health education, mental health counseling, substance abuse disorder treatment, wellness coaching, peer support, care coordination and insurance enrollment.

The 30/30 Project and Construction for Changer remodeled the health wing of the building by addressing the inadequate heating and cooling system (including the replacement of several non-functioning windows), increasing space by eliminating walls, improvements in lighting, a kitchen renovation, replacement of carpet, building of shelving units, and repainting the walls.


Why …?

YWCA of Seattle has been serving women and families since 1910 and their downtown Seattle building is nearly as old. While it’s a historic architectural treasure, it desperately needs upgrades to more effectively serve these vital programs.

Project Partners:

BABES NETWORK / YWCA: Since 1989, the BABES Network has been providing peer support for women living with HIV in Washington, reducing isolation and stigma to create a "sisterhood of support" for women and their families. In 2005, BABES became a program of the YWCA of Seattle. Led by HIV-positive peer advocates, services for BABES members include: one-on-one peer counseling, non-medical case management, support groups, educational forums, advocacy, and social events/retreats.