Health Builders | Rugerero Health Center


Location: Rugerero, RWANDA



This clinic serves over 42,500 people residing in Rugerero sector of Rubavu District.

About the Facility:

The Rugerero Health Center is a 75 room facility on a total site area of nearly 60,000 square feet, with a total building area of over 28,500 square feet. It will include an outpatient department, a preventive care unit, nutrition services, observations rooms, administrative block, maternity ward and a laboratory. The 30/30 Project funded the outpatient department of the new building.

The Rugerero Health Center will be completed June 2018.


Why Rwanda?

This sector is one of the most densely populated areas other than the capital city of Kigali, which means the population served by Health Builder medical centers will increase by more than 30% once the the Rugerero health center is up and running.

Project Partners:

Health Builders, the GE Foundation, Kate Spade & Company, Deerfield Healthcare, the Segal Family Foundation, the Tim and Jane Meyer Family Foundation, the Pace Family Foundation, the Loyola Foundation