World Relief | Community Garden


Location: Kent, Washington UNITED STATES


About the Facility:

The Hillside Paradise Parking Plots Community Garden, is a refugee and immigrant empowerment space located in Kent, Washington. The conversion of the space into a garden will provide and promote healthy lifestyles to individuals and families through access to fruits and vegetables. The garden will consist of 50 gardening beds, allowing over 1,000 refugees to grow foods from their countries of origin, gain access to much-needed fruits and vegetables, and interact with their community. This project converted an acre of paved parking lot space and transforming it into the Paradise Parking Plots community garden where refugees, immigrants and local community members can gather to grow culturally appropriate foods that promote a healthier lifestyle, improve food access, foster economic independence, and build community.

Not only is this project about creating access to nutritional food, but also providing information and education on how to preserve, cook, and extend the shelf life of food in order to get the most nutrients.


Why …?

This garden enables the community to grow culturally appropriate foods that promote a healthier lifestyle and increase food access in a USDA certified food desert for those in need.

Project Partners:

World Relief, Conservation District, Kent Hillside Church