Mother Health International | Maternity Ward


Location: UGANDA


About the Facility:

To expand capacity and meet the increased needs of the community,  the 30/30 Project and Construction for Change are building a labor and delivery facility for Mother Health International. This new structure will allow for three additional inpatient beds, a postpartum unit with 4-6 beds and a central room for visiting families.  Additionally, we plan to build a small differentiated space for pregnant mothers who are treated for malaria. The expanded units will fold into an already active clinic with strong community buy-in and proven financial sustainability. These additions will substantially increase service to the hundreds of women a month that need critical antenatal care and a safe, dignified and culturally competent delivery.


Why …?

In Uganda, women have a 1-in-42 lifetime chance of dying in childbirth and in Northern Uganda, 1-in-25. As a result of forced marriage and rape, most pregnant mothers which MHI serves are between the ages of 12 and 22. In 2016, half a million refugees flooded over the border into Uganda. Since then the number of refugees has swelled to over 1 million, giving Uganda one the of the largest populations of refugees in the world.

Project Partners:

Mother Health International is a nonprofit organization in Atiak, northern Uganda, dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster, war and extreme economic poverty.