Puerto Rico | Solar Panels/Pharmacy School




About the Facility:

Starting construction in Fall 2019, the central hub for this solar cold chain project at the University of Puerto Rico will receive, store, and dispatch cargo shipments of emergency preparedness medications, inspection and safety assurance to patients with needs. The solar and battery system will serve as emergency backup power for the vaccine refrigeration unit. One shipment through that site can impact up to 2,000 people and multiple shipments being moved through that site can potentially impact tens of thousands of people. This site will also impact the education curriculum of all future UPR pharmacy students. They currently have approximately 45 students per year in that program.


Why …?

Hurricane Maria and regular storms have impacted the ability for people to get access to important medications such as insulin. This project aims to reduce this obstacle through a solar solution to cold chain.

Project Partners:

University of Puerto Rico

Project Hope

Sextant Foundation