MED25 | Mbita Clinic


Location: MBITA, KENYA


About the Facility:

Completed in July 2014, this primary care health center is serving a community of 118,000 people in the Mbita District of Kenya.

The Med25 Clinic focuses on prevention and treatment of major diseases including HIV, TB, malaria, water­borne illnesses, and respiratory and heart ailments. Our partner organization, MED25 International, offers voluntary counseling & testing for HIV, prenatal care, family planning, and vaccinations. The facility is specifically designed to reduce waiting cues, prioritize critical care needs, improve conditions for the staff, and allow for service expansion. This health facility allows access to high quality, culturally appropriate, affordable health care.



The Mbita District currently ranks as Kenya’s highest in infant mortality and HIV/AIDS prevalence.

Project Partners:

MED25 International, Reach Out To Humanity (ROTH), Seattle International Foundation, Washington Global Health Alliance, Global Washington, SeeYourImpact, Kenyan Minister of Health, Kirindo Village Community Organization (CBO), Kasgunga Central Village Elder Group, Office of the Director of Development, FACES/KMET/Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation/UNICEF/Happen Youth Group