FIMRC | Bumwalukani Clinic


Location: Bududa District, UGANDA



This clinic serves a community of over 16,000 people.

About the Facility:

The Bumwalukani Clinic has increased community access to quality healthcare by providing a larger facility to continue fulfilling their mission. This project expanded current primary health care services while increasing access to maternal and child health services. The additional space allows new initiatives for HIV testing and counseling. This project is designed to deliver sustainable, high quality health services and education to members of the community and the clinic.

The FIMRC Bumwalukani Clinic construction has completed. The clinic opened their doors in February 2016.


Why Bududa?

This community faces HIV/AIDS levels are twice the national average. The annual income in this area is $200/year, leaving the majority of the population in extreme poverty.

Project Partners:

FIMRC, Ministry of Health, Arlington Academy of Hope, Maria Stopes International, Bududa District Hospital, Mbale Regional Referral Hospital, Onyx Systems and T-Mobile.