Partners in Health | Outpatient Department


Location: Neno District, MALAWI


About the Facility:

Completed in Spring 2019, the Chronic Care Center in Neno is comprised of two stand-alone buildings housing both the acute and chronic care service lines. The Neno Chronic Care Clinics serves the rural Neno District in the southern region of Malawi and receives referrals from five neighboring facilities and is a primary outpatient facility for 20,000 people in the district. It provides specialty services and referral support to the entire district of more than 165,000 people. PIH expects over 200,000 visits per year for treatment for chronic illnesses such as HIV, tuberculosis, diabetes. Integrated women’s health services will be offered: prenatal care, cervical cancer screenings, family planning, pediatric care and acute visits for sick patients.


Why …?

1 in 10 adults are HIV+.

Project Partners:

Partners in Health, Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo, and Malawi’s Ministry of Health.