Welcome our Volunteer Impact Specialist, Theresa!

The 30/30 Project is run by a group of hardworking individuals. We thrive on the intelligence and passion of our volunteers, which enables us to spend the majority of our funding on our projects. We are excited to welcome our newest 30/30 team member, Theresa Greer.

Theresa is our new Volunteer Impact Specialist, meaning she analyzes data from all of our partners at completed clinics to understand what kind of impact these projects are having and to ensure each facility is serving its community to the best of its ability. With each new project she asks, what could we do better? What can did we learn from our last project and how can we apply it to our future projects?“Monitoring and evaluation is critical so we can be accountable to our donors and the communities in which our buildings serve,” Theresa said. At The 30/30 Project, what happens after the building process is completed is the meaningful part, how is the building being used and who is being affected. “It’s an organic, real-life approach to development,” she said.”It’s also a very responsible approach. I appreciate our commitment to quality and accountability.”Theresa received her masters degree from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Washington. We think her background in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning will really help her feel at home here with The 30/30 Project and CFC team. When she isn’t sharing her brilliant mind with us at The 30/30 Project, she is a supermom to her two young kids. We are excited to have her wealth of knowledge help us understand how our facilities are impacting their communities.Welcome aboard, Theresa!