We Are Expanding the Matibabu Foundation Hospital!

We are excited to announce our next project in Kenya!In partnership with the Matibabu Foundation and Construction for Change, we will begin expansion on the Matibabu Foundation Hospital located in the Siaya County this month! Currently, the hospital is a 25-bed facility that annually serves more than 24,000 outpatient and 2,000 inpatient cases. The expansion of the hospital will dramatically increase the number of patients that can be served, providing 52 additional beds, as well as more adequate facilities such asmedical rooms, surgical rooms, an isolation ward, pediatric ward, maternity ward, labor ward, and a postnatal room. The hospital will expand it’s work focused on providing inpatient services to both men and women for medical and surgical conditions, as well as provide patients (especially those with chronic diseases) with health education.The Matibabu Foundation’s mission is to empower communities to take charge of their health, improve access to quality integrated health services, and strengthen connections to other essential services. The Foundation not only provides health care in a hospital setting, but also in the form of prevention programs. For example, since 2006, the Matibabu Foundation has implemented many projects to address the AIDS/HIV epidemic. Their programs have created significant improvement in HIV/AIDS care and treatment, counseling and testing, and community education. Today, Matibabu has over 500 patients enrolled in their HIV treatment program and will offer inpatient provider-initiated counseling and testing for HIV post-expansion.We are so excited to partner with this incredible organization!

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