Four Year Impact Report

As a supporter of the 30/30 Project, your support is greatly appreciated, which is why we created our Four Year-Impact Report to highlight the tangible change that has been made possible. With it being the final year of the project, we are beyond grateful to all our supporters, volunteers, and partners that give their time and resources over the past four years to make this project so worthwhile! Supporters of the 30/30 Project generously give of their resources to make our projects a reality. It is therefore essential that we not only say that our projects will make a positive impact, but actually quantify that impact. As we complete a project, we begin to collect quarterly data from the facility on eight different indicators. We compare the data collected to the baseline condition (pre-construction or renovation) to quantify our impact. Indicator values may fluctuate between quarters, making it important to track trends, seasonal changes, and identify successes and failures to make adjustments accordingly.As we begin to wind down, it has been a privilege to reflect on the partnerships formed and work we have accomplished.  Our partners administer quality health care programs but lack the necessary infrastructure to maximize their impact. Through funding, staff, and volunteers, we are able to provide architectural, engineering, and construction management expertise to design and build quality healthcare facilities.  With twelve facilities completed, seven projects are under construction, and six still in the planning stages, it is clear that our work has created a concrete impact on improving healthcare worldwide and we look forward to what's to come in our final year!