Dandelion Africa Highlight: Meet Nancy!

Meet Nancy Adah Sabatia, she is a 26-year-old mother of two girls who has been living HIV positive for eight years. Nancy has been involved with 30/30 Project partner, Dandelion Africa, in rural Kenya for two years now. Nancy became pregnant during primary school, and as a result was forced into an early marriage: “I was naive and hopeless with no one to guide me through. Life was really hard back then.” Nancy joined several self-help groups through Dandelion Africa and has been able to build her life both socially and economically. She currently works for Dandelion Africa as a peer provider under the Youth Peer Provider program, volunteering in her community with the goal of helping mothers living HIV positive to find self-acceptance and remain positive.In regard to the new maternity ward that the 30/30 Project’s No Mom Left Behind campaign is currently raising funds for, Nancy says, “most women who find themselves HIV positive opt to deliver at home for fear of being stigmatized, but with our own maternity ward that caters and is thoughtful to the approach and structure of dealing with not just people living with HIV but people with disability, I believe the children born from HIV positive mothers will now be HIV free.”The 30/30 Project is currently partnering with Dandelion Africa to raise funds for a brand new maternity ward in Kenya. Click this link to read our blog post all about this project, and DONATE HERE!