Construction Update from Togo!

We are thrilled to share exciting progress photos of our Adabawere Maternity Ward in Togo, Africa!  Last year, your generosity during our No Mom Left Behind campaign helped fund a full floor addition to the existing Adabawere Clinic with help from our partners at Hope through Health. Our contractors are now constructing a waiting room, midwife office, hospitalization room (with 8 bed capacity), labor room, delivery room, newborn care room, midwife overnight watch room, birth attendant overnight watch room, and common office.  This new maternity floor will improve childbirth conditions and open clinic space to accommodate other patients.The Abadaware clinic provides care to thousands in Northern Togo, but is always filled to capacity.  Lines of residents wrap around the perimeter of the facility daily.  Our new maternity ward will provide a clean and separate floor for births, freeing beds below for more serious illnesses and injuries.The Abadaware Maternity Ward is scheduled for completion in August, and will provide a safe and quality space for childbirth!  Currently, only 33% of births in Togo take place in a healthcare facility, and 1 in 56 women die in childbirth.  Our facility aims to increase facility-based births to 85% in the Catchment area, making childbirth less dangerous for Togolese women.   Everyone deserves access to a safe and comfortable space to bring new babies into the world!The second phase of this project will include renovations to the Djamde, Kpindi and Sarakawa clinics, which require extensive repairs and renovations to the existing structures.  Phase two will be funded in part by our Building Health event in spring, which was a huge success!  STAY TUNED for more details on our spring campaign, No Mom Left Behind, a campaign to raise additional funds for these renovations.We are so grateful for your constant support.  

BlogGrace Bell