Celebrating 30/30 Project's 2nd Anniversary

April marks the second anniversary of the launch of the 30/30 Project! Two years ago we set out to achieve the ambitious goal of building 30 medical facilities around the world in communities that lack access to health care. Our efforts began in April 2014 with an Indiegogo campaign and this video, since then we have raised funds for seven health care facilities!First and foremost we want to say thank you to our over 2,000 donors who have joined us over the past two years in increasing healthcare access for the poor and marginalized around the world. By donating to the 30/30 Project you have helped us to build quality health delivery infrastructure for our partners and further their great work!Over the past two years, through our partnership with Construction for Change, we have built five facilities serving communities totaling over 180,000 people. We are also excited to announce two new projects that will begin construction in the next six months. We are working hard to finish the funding for a total of 10 projects by this summer.

Future Goals:

As we look to the future and the next 20 medical facilities we are planning to expand beyond solely building rural health clinics to also include facilities focused on maternal/child health services and youth-friendly clinics focused on healthcare access and prevention.

Potential Locations for Future Projects:

  • Togo

  • Malawi

  • Kenya

  • India

  • South Africa

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Uganda

  • Malawi

  • Dominican Republic

Sneak Peek: Mother's Day Campaign!


In celebration of the 30/30 Project's 2nd Year Anniversary, we are excited to announce our first Mother's Day Campaign! The"No Mom Left Behind" campaign will honor moms around the world by raising funds for a maternity ward in Togo, West Africa.  We are looking forward to launching this exciting and important initiative in a few short weeks!

Thank you!

The 30/30 Project is proud to celebrate our 2nd Year Anniversary and thankful for all those that have made this possible. We look forward to all that we will achieve with your help in the year ahead!These projects would never have happened without every single donation from our incredible supporters, from $10 to $10,000, each contribution toward the medical facilities has had an incredible impact in these communities. Today thousands of people have access to health care who did not before because of your generosity and passion that “Healthcare is a Human Right.”