Project Highlight: The Bumwalukani Clinic, Uganda

This week the 30/30 Project is featuring our project in Uganda with our partner, FIMRC. The Bumwalukani Clinic was completed February 2016, and focuses on primary healthcare, maternal and child healthcare, and HIV testing and counseling.On its first day of operations, this clinic saw a record-breaking 100 patients, and its impact has not slowed down since then. In 2017, this clinic saw 21,696 patients and delivered 261 babies. Our partner’s goal for health education was to reach 12,000 community members in a year, and they surpassed that number, calculating outreach activities having reached 20,163 community members. As of 2018, 212 health workshops on topics such as long-term family planning, mosquito net re-treatment to reduce malaria rates, sexual health, public market sanitation clean up and volunteer outreaches have been held, surpassing the goal of 100 workshops.In June, 24 babies were born at the clinic-- 11 boys and 13 girls! These births contributed to the 176 children born in 2018 at the clinic which means the clinic is 58.7% of the way toward meeting their strategic objective for the year.The staff not only works at the clinic, but seeks services at the Bumwalukani clinic too. Pictured below is FIMRC Nurse Zeles and her baby Mercy aka Zeles Jr. who are just one pair of the many parents and children who are lucky to count as part of the FIMRC family. Congratulations to FIMRC for surpassing so many of their strategic objectives as well as a huge thank you to all who have donated to the 30/30 Project. You have given communities such as the Bududa District in Uganda access to quality healthcare; this wouldn’t be possible without your generosity!