30/30 Project Celebrates ONE Year Since Launch!

Exactly one year ago today, Construction for Change launched the 30/30 Project campaign for building projects that serve HIV+ women and their families. With the amazing leadership of Julie Lewis combined with the essential help from our incredible partners and passionate volunteers, we have been able to accomplish so many great things. Hear what our friends from the 30/30 Project have to say during this celebration.A note from the 30/30 Project team at Construction for Change:It’s been one year since we launched the 30/30 Project and what an amazing year it has been. Amazing because over 1500 people chose to get behind this idea of bringing healthcare access to those who did not have it. In this first year, we funded five clinics in four countries on two continents. Five clinics that will bring healthcare to over 250,000 people… It’s been an incredible year!It is perfect that on this anniversary we have the amazing privilege to meet with Kweku Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson. Throughout this first year of the 30/30 Project, we have indeed had some overwhelming days, days of excitement and also days of doubt. To quote Kweku’s grandfather sums up our thoughts:It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson MandelaThis goal of building 30 healthcare facilities does at times seem daunting, but we have faith. We believe that if we just get up and keep going every day with this single focus, someday these buildings will be finished and our goal of providing healthcare to thousands who don’t have access will be realized.When we look back at this first year, all we can say is THANK YOU!Thank you to our 1500+ donors. Without you, this work would not be possible. We know that you have sacrificed and given wholeheartedly to this cause. We appreciate every dollar that has been contributed to this effort, and what we find most incredible, is that it was a team of 1500 people giving in amounts that spanned wide range, who literally built these clinics. Every donation has truly made a difference.Thank you to our amazing building partners who had faith in our capacity to bring them a safe, long-standing shelter in which they could continue their important work: Partners In Health, Med25 International, Kizimani,The Foundation of International Medical Relief for Children and Optimize Health. These buildings would be meaningless without your hard work and dedication to providing healthcare around the world to those who need it most.Thank you to the countless Construction for Change volunteers who have come along side with your full energy, unending work hours and commitment to making this dream a reality. We appreciate each and every one of you.Thank you to the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Team who have been great supportive partners of this vision and who have amplified our message to the world’s stage.The 30/30 Project has a lot to celebrate on this first anniversary and so we do celebrate…. and then tomorrow we wake up and keep going, searching for the next 25 communities around the world where building health facilities will change and save lives.