Kizimani Clinic: January 2015 Progress


Three weeks ago, Change Fellows, Tim and Robyn, left for Kangundo, Kenya to begin construction of the Kizimani Clinic and we are excited to share the progress they’ve accomplished so far.

In their latest update on the clinic, Robyn writes:

“The site is coming along! We have been getting materials delivered on site and the crew is just about finished excavating –soon enough there will be a foundation! Tim has been working hard out in the heat putting up string lines and making sure everything is running smoothly. He works with a foreman from Tala named Nicholas who knows the language and has built various projects in the region. Lately, Tim has been busy making runs to Tala during market days to purchase tools and materials with Nicholas. The local women have organized a cooking rotation where they cook and deliver lunch to the crew each day and earn some money.”

Robyn also shares how buildings have been collapsing in Nairobi in the past few months due to “poor infrastructure and design” which caused the government to” roll out a new step in the permitting process in which a Kenyan architect must approve all designs”. However, we are thankful that this will not setback the progress of the clinic since CfC is committed to designing and constructing buildings that last for 30 years. We believe that building strong and long-lasting infrastructures are vital in building a stronger community.

Also, we are happy to share these photos Tim and Robyn took of the clinic site and Kangundo community: